[OpenAjaxIDE] loading libraries

Lori Hylan-Cho lorihc at adobe.com
Mon Jul 14 19:06:57 PDT 2008

I've been looking through the history of the <require> tag, trying to
reconcile the assumption that "[i]f multiple widgets point to the same
asset files,...the IDEs will be smart enough to only load the given
assets once" with the later assumption that all files are relative to
the page that contains the widget.

It is perfectly reasonable that library files that are common to several
widgets would all be saved in a common location, but we established two
or three meetings ago that widget developers are unlikely to know
whether other widgets also use the same files their widgets are using
(this was the basis of the rejection of the shared attribute on the
<require> tag). 

So, given the above, I have a couple questions:

1. What exactly is meant by "loading"? Does it mean that the IDE would
not add the same file to the head twice? If so, I think we can handle
that part. If, however, it means that the same asset should not appear
in multiple places in the user's site, that's a problem. I'm hoping it's
the former, but that still brings up point 2:

2. How would we know whether the dom.js file that's included with the
FooCalendar widget is the same dom.js file that's included with the
FooPassword widget? Is there some assumption we should be making here,
in the absence of any indication that FooCalendar and FooPassword are
actually part of the same library? Would the expectation be that dom.js
be specified with <require type="library" src="dom.js">, and that this
is how one would indicate "shared" files? If this is the case, then it
seems to me that the name attribute (the name of the library) and
possibly the version attribute might still be required in addition to
src to help determine whether the file in question really is the same as
another file of the same name.

Am I totally confused here? If so, feel free to straighten me out. :-)


Lori Hylan-Cho
Computer Scientist, Dreamweaver
Adobe Systems, Inc. 

Lori Hylan-Cho
Computer Scientist, Dreamweaver
Adobe Systems, Inc. 

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