[OpenAjaxIDE] IDE Issue 7: Datatypes (plus other issues)

Bertrand Le Roy Bertrand.Le.Roy at microsoft.com
Wed Dec 19 14:56:17 PST 2007

One immediate remark I have when reading this (issue 7) is that any set of complex type that you choose will be arbitrary and will always be different from specific implementations.
So I think instead of including specific complex types into the specs, we should limit ourselves to the built-in JavaScript types, plus enumerations, plus maybe CSS stuff like color and length, plus validation constraints, but only provide support for complex types through an extensibility mechanism.


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Hi everyone,
Last week I promised to do my best to pull together a write-up about the Datatypes issues. After reviewing previous discussion, doing some research, and thinking about things, I have pulled together an extensive write-up and a complete set of recommendations. You can find all of this at:

* http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/IDE_Issue_7 (Datatypes)

I believe that this is the primary topic for tomorrow's phone call.

I have also done various things with other existing issues. Here are some highlights:

* IDE Issue 1: Toolkit identification, configuration, loading, and initialization
I updated the proposed recommendation to reflect discussion at last week's phone call. In particular, I renamed the 'head' attribute to 'includeAssetReference' and I added a 'sandbox' attribute to indicate whether the widget can be intermixed within existing content (e.g., use a DIV) or should be isolated (e.g., use an IFRAME).

* IDE Issue 3: Widget metadata localization
I added a paragraph at the end raising the sub-issue about where tools can find the localization files.

* IDE Issue 6: Hooks for custom design-time user interface
Previously, this wiki page had no content. There is now a complete write-up along with a proposed recommendation.

Finally, I have added some new issues writeups:

* IDE Issue 8: Complex datatypes

* IDE Issue 9: Complex parameter lists (e.g., varargs)

* IDE Issue 10: returnType or returnTypes (e.g., varargs)

* IDE Issue 11: Should our metadata formats be expressible as JSON?

I do not have a proposal yet for Issue 11. I have to do more research first.

Note that there is an index page to the list of current issues at:

* http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/IDE_Issues

I will talk to some of you tomorrow. For everyone else, Happy Holidays!


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