[OpenAjaxIDE] IDE Issue 2: Data, arguments/parameters, and topics

Lori Hylan-Cho lorihc at adobe.com
Wed Dec 5 17:18:11 PST 2007

> In Adobe's proposal, constructors have 3 arguments: (1) the 
> element's ID, (2) a "selector" (is this really a class 
> name?), and (3) an object that contains a set of "options". 
> It looks like jMaki's "args" is similar in concept to Adobe's 
> "options". 

I wanted to clarify that this isn't inherent to our proposal; instead,
it follows how some Ajax widgets are implemented. I happened to choose a
Spry widget as my example when I made my proposal, and Spry widgets all
take an ID as their first argument, and an options object as their last.
The Spry Tooltip widget also takes the middle selector argument, but not
all Spry widgets do. I found when doing last week's exercise with the
Google Maps widget that it also took an ID as its first argument and an
options object as its last, and I suspect other widgets also follow this

Where Adobe's proposal comes into play is in how we separate out the
individual arguments from the properties of the options object. We
included "options" as an argument type so we could make a connection
between that options argument and the explanation of its properties in
the <options> section.


Lori Hylan-Cho
Computer Scientist, Dreamweaver
Adobe Systems Inc.

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