[OpenAjaxIDE] IDE Issue 4: Long names and/or short names

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Dec 5 14:56:17 PST 2007

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IDE Issue 4: Long names and/or short names

Original write-up

Should we have one description field for describing the widgets, or perhaps
two description fields (one short and one long), or perhaps something else?

Existing industry practice
      Ext.js 2.0 uses JSDoc to document their widgets and only includes a
      single short descriptive summary as part of the class definition
      Dojo 1.0 (i.e., dijit) has no inline documentation about its widget
      Adobe has a requirement for a short name (<=23 characters?) to fit on
      their palettes.
      Apple Dashboard Info.plist file has a non-localizable CFBundleName
      and a localizable CFBundleDisplayName
      Google Gadgets <module> file has a single string, the title<code>
      attribute on the <code><ModulePrefs> element.

Jon's proposed recommendation

Our metadata should include both a short name and a long name field. The
short name field would be optional and localizable; if not provided, IDEs
SHOULD construct a short name automatically using available information,
such as using the JavaScript class name (e.g., "Ext.Button"). The long name
would be required and localizable.
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