[OpenAjaxIDE] Dojo date picker in XML

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Fri Nov 16 11:36:59 PST 2007

Oh, maybe you don't understand how the JSON and XML relate to each other.
It is *not* meant to be two different encodings of the same infoset.

The JSON representation was the original jMaki widget as it shipped with
the jMaki 1.0 distribution. The XML representation is the same *general*
information expressed in our proposed XML grammar.

The only reason for inclusion the JSON is to show how jMaki expressed the
information, but that's just background reference information. My
assumption is that there is only one expression for our metadata and it is
in XML.


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Well, consistency between the JSON schema and the XML schema would be
preferable in my opinion. It should be trivial to go from one to the other
even without knowledge of the grammar.

I don’t think we should take JSON as the reference on how types are
specified: it really is unspecified in JSON as the type is inferred from
the literal syntax. Plus, JSON is based on the idea that it’s only data and
only uses that handful of built-in types (by the way, Date is severely
missing  but that’s a different topic). In our case, the scenario is
fundamentally different as we’re describing APIs where complex types are
perfectly OK.


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Hi Bertrand,
The complete explanation of why the XML and JSON do not match is that
during the moments when I wrote up the strawman proposal I somehow felt it
was desirable for the XML to have a different expression. I didn't think
about any topics deeply. I don't particularly care about what elements or
attributes are named. But I did give things some thought and attempted to
take into account reconciliation with other overlapping efforts, such as
how other vendors expressed their JavaScript APIs (e.g., Aptana calls them
properties whereas jMaki calls them args), what I saw in the Gadgets TF
proposal, and what I saw in the W3C Widgets proposal. Also, while jMaki is
largely aligned with what the various activities require at OpenAjax, I
felt that there were some things in jMaki that were either not appropriate
or at least not in good alignment. Bottom line: I was arbitrary.

Basically, I just wanted to take my best shot at a reasonable starting
point that would allow OpenAjax to define a consolidated widget grammar
that could work reasonably across multiple workflows (IDE, Gadgets, W3C

However, I also assume that every single XML element and attribute would be
reviewed, many (perhaps most) would be changed, and that people would
change large parts of the XML grammars after group discussion.

Regarding why jMaki used STRING vs string vs String, we'll have to hear
from the JSON folks. My vote is that we should use the same capitalization
approach as the JavaScript spec when talking about JavaScript types. I
think that would result in "string".

Regarding types, my personal favorite approach is to offer two type values
for each property, a JavaScript type and an XSD type (XML Schema
Datatypes). The JavaScript type is (obviously) what is important when
addressing JavaScript-centric requirements. For high-level datatyping, such
as "non-negative integer" or enumerations, I am a fan of leveraging
existing standards. XSD is a bit heavyweight, but I don't think it's
heavyness would drag down many users. In the 90/10 scenarios, 90% of the
time people would use the primitive data types in XSD, which can be
expressed as a single string, but there is a robust growth path for more
complex data types.


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Why is there a difference in names between the xml and json? TopicInfo
seems to be the same as pubsub but all the names are different.

Why are some type names in JSON capitalized? For a string, I'd say either
"string"or "String" can work depending on how you test the type (typeof or
instanceof) but "STRING" doesn't work. I'd prefer if we used
"String"/instanceof because that opens up the possibility of specifying
complex types better than just "object".

About types, could we keep the type attribute reserved for actual
JavaScript types (I don't think "publish" is a type)? The type in config
(JSON) is a little confusing too (and I think there's a missing brace).


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I completed my assignment from yesterday's phone call, which was to express
the Dojo date picker widget in our strawman widget XML grammar. Here is the

* http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/IDE_Widget_Sample_Dojo_DatePicker

I also modified the IDE wiki page ("Work in progress" section) to point to
the above wiki page and also include links to future wiki pages for the
Yahoo menu widget and a Google map widget.

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