[OpenAjaxIDE] OAA IDE WG Minutes 2007-08-23

Emmanouil Batsis manos at abiss.gr
Tue Aug 28 17:53:51 PDT 2007

Hello all,

Short introduction: I'm with Abiss.gr, our focus here is to keep Sarissa
[1] as compatible with your efforts as possible.

My comments/questions must be rather basic or even naive since i have
missed all the effort spent here, but any answers would be really
helpful in keeping up with you :-)

A) Suppose my library has a function that provides an AJAX route for an
(X)HTML form submission (if all required features are available), how
do i describe that for an IDE?

B) Similarly, how do i make a content replacement function known to an

C) Sarissa is client side only. Is there a way to describe server side
requirements for HTTP request handlers, so that AJAX and fall back 
non-AJAX requests can be handled as appropriate by different server
side implementations?

D) Sorry if I'm out of line here but could the IDE effort actually be
useful/applied, besides IDEs, on server side technologies such as JSF
or whatnot?

Thanks for your time and understanding!

[1] http://dev.abiss.gr/sarissa/



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