[OpenAjaxIDE] OAA IDE WG Minutes 2007-08-23

Kevin Hakman khakman at tibco.com
Tue Aug 28 13:55:01 PDT 2007

IDE Minutes 2007-08-23

URL: http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/IDE_Minutes_2007-08-23 

Attendees this week

*	Jon Ferraiolo <jferrai(at)us.ibm.com> 
*	Kevin Hakman <khakman(at)tibco.com> 
*	Lori Hylan-Cho <lorihc(at)adobe.com> 
*	Ingo Muschenetz <ingo(at)aptana.com> 


(continuing to review and finalize
http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/IDE/requirements. Kevin updated the
document as decisions were made in the meeting.) 

Kevin, Jon, Lori and Ingo discussed the few remaining requirements. Much
of this was a recap of last week for Kevin's benefit. Changes made
consisted of removing extraneous or redundant requirements form the
Miscellaneous section after discussion of each. In addition two
requirements from the main body were marked as approved as well. This
link shows the net changes:

Kevin: OK, requirements are final. Members are encouraged to make
proposed implementations for review and discussion. 

John: I put together a comparison matrix in wiki syntax. It's reasonably
editable by members of the WG. Could go and put the table together, then
people could start filling it out. How existing work matches up with our
requirements, and an opportunity for adding additional rows, so that if
there's a feature in a product that does not map to a requirement, this
format calls that out. John's on vacation next week. 

Kevin: The main purpose here is not so much to compare existing work
since any metadata format we eventually finalize will not simply be
adopted from prior vendor-specific implementations. However the looking
at vendor implementations in the context of the requirements (via the
matrix) will show how well the ultimate metadata will facilitate the
other core objective: a metadata format that can also transform to/from
existing vendor formats - that's the whole point of the metadata
strategy. In addition as Jon says the exercise will can also potentially
reveal something we may have overlooked. 

Lori: Did everyone get the email I sent with Adobe's metadata approach? 


Kevin: Lori, please put that into the wiki in the IDE_Survey area so
that there's a more permanent reference to that. 

Lori: OK. Where? 

Ingo: There's a "survey" page which has stuff from Microsoft, Aptana,
Sun, and Adobe. 

Kevin: Lori, Jon did the section on Adobe based on his research, but if
you want update that be our guest. 

Kevin: Mark your calendars for the same time next week. We're on a
weekly schedule now. Thanks. 

(end of meeting) 



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