[OpenAjaxIDE] [OpenAjaxCommunicationsHub] Jon's latest thinking about organizing future activities

Greg Wilkins gregw at webtide.com
Wed Mar 7 11:47:48 PST 2007

Jon Ferraiolo wrote:

> 2) Consolidate the server-side communications efforts from the Server TF
> with the client-side communications efforts from the Communications Hub
> TF into a single "Communications Working Group" that addresses general
> communications requirements, but with a particular emphasis on server
> push requirements as follows: (a) client-side communications hub, (b)
> messaging protocol along the HTTP pipe (probably allowing either JSON or
> XML), (c) something in the area of a server-side communications hub or
> proxy server, in the form of a specification and/or a reference
> implementation(s), that can be used to optimize performance and that
> would likely dispatch requests to other server components.

I'm broadly supportive of this idea.  From my own work/proposal on
the communication side of things, it is obviously that without a
server side component, that client side interop will always be
difficult and require custom work on the server.

With a server side component, more transparent interop should be

But I think a layered approach should be encouraged - ie that the
comms API should be able to be used without the hub server side,
with a custom implementation of it, or with an alternative protocol

I will try to find time to expand my communications proposal and
example to include a server side this by the meeting on the 14th.


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