[OpenAjaxGadgets] Drop the 'publish' and 'subscribe' boolean attributes on PROPERTY

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Tue Apr 28 09:55:13 PDT 2009

As I was editing the widget spec to change the name of 'topic' to
'sharedAs', I realized that the 'publish' and 'subscribe' boolean
attributes don't make sense anymore, and therefore I recommend that we drop

Previously, with our old 'publish', 'subscribe' and 'topic' attributes, we
were trying to map the shared property system onto the event/topic system.
This is actually how we implemented things in the reference implementation
(and I believe how OpenSocial implemented shared preferences at one point,
although I'm not sure how things work in 0.9).

However, in recent discussion, we have moved towards a model where the
property system should be independent of the event system, and in
particular the property system should not require the use of the OpenAjax
Hub (although that is probably how many implementations will work).

What I propose is:
(1) Drop the 'publish' and 'subscribe' attributes
(2) If the 'sharedAs' attribute is present, then the property becomes a
public property within the mashup. (Still subject to the mashup
application's policy manager, which might disallow this property from being
shared with other widgets). Else, if the 'sharedAs' attribute is
non-present, or is null or the empty string, then the property is not
shared and therefore private to this particular widget.

Down the road, we might consider some sort of grouping/namespacing on
public properties (a named "ItemSet" concept), which we could achieve by
adding an additional attribute to the PROPERTY element.


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