[OpenAjaxGadgets] Remove <property topic="">

Howard Weingram weingram at tibco.com
Sat Apr 11 18:03:16 PDT 2009

Hello, folks.

Having seriously thought about some of the comments last week, I would like
to propose a simplification of the <property> pubsub behavior along the
lines briefly suggested last week.

Allow <property> to have the following pubsub attributes, with the following
specified meanings:

1. Attribute: publish="<Boolean>"

If the publish attribute is present and true, then when the property
management system sees a change in the value of this property, it MAY notify
other widgets (not just this widget) of the change.

2. Attribute: subscribe="<Boolean>"

If the subscribe attribute is present and true, then when the property
management system detects a change in the value of this property, it MAY
notify this widget by calling the widget's onChange function.

3. Attribute: topic="<String>"

Get rid of the topic attribute.


Widgets must ONLY use the specified property functions
(Adapter.setPropertyValue, Adapter.getPropertyValue, Widget.onChange,
Widget.onChange<Property>) to access the property values.

The implementations of these functions, including ALL event delivery

* are simply implementation details of the host,
* are completely hidden from the widget, and
* should not be controlled by widget.xml at all.

This includes:

* Whether the Hub is used, vs. some toolkit's existing
    property management or notification system
* If the Hub is used, what Hub topic/s are used
    (Why does the widget care? It's dealing with properties here)
* Whether the mash-up/tool enforces security policies that prevent access
    to certain properties or topics
* Whether the mash-up/tool provides features that allow end-users to wire
    widgets together manually

Any mash-up or mash-up framework that uses the Hub for event notification at
run-time must somehow (either automatically or by asking the developer for
input) provide topics for delivery of these events. The exact topics used
should not be under the control of widget.xml, which has no idea how a given
mash-up framework works or what kinds of topics it finds convenient to use.

Property update events (as opposed to events that the widgets publish
explicitly using hub.publish) are always implementation details of the
framework or mash-up.

This reduces the complexity of the OAWM spec, albeit slightly, and allows
application/framework developers the freedom to do what works best for them.

BEST PRACTICE for mash-up and framework implementers:

For that use events to communicate any information, including property
updates, use topic names that use reverse package notation starting with
your organization name, e.g. "com.tibco.my.foo.bar" so as to avoid
collisions between your events and those of other vendors and developers.


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