[OpenAjaxGadgets] Request a widget mode

Howard Weingram weingram at tibco.com
Thu Apr 9 18:31:59 PDT 2009

I would like to add a function that allows a widget to request transition to
a different mode. The only indication of success would be a modeChanged
event delivered to the widget at some future time.

     * @param {String} newMode
     *      The name of the mode to which the widget is
     *      requesting transition
    OpenAjax.widget.Adapter.prototype.requestMode(newMode) {}

Use Case 

For example, a Help mode screen may contain a button that sends the widget
back to View mode. This button is INSIDE the widget rather than outside in
the container. This could simply transition the widget, but then any
container buttons would be out of sync because the container does not know
about the change. 

With the requestMode, the button would not actually switch modes; it would
call requestMode('view') and this would tell the container to switch the

Compatibility with Other Standards

This behavior would be comparable to that of javax.portlet, which specifies
that a portlet can "programmatically change [its] portlet mode when
processing an action request."

In other words, in the portlet world, there is a standard way for a portlet
to request that the portlet container execute a mode change.

The portlet spec allows the portlet container to ignore or override the
mode-change request. It is only a request.


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