[OpenAjaxGadgets] [OpenAjaxIDE] Property onChange notification events

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Apr 8 12:01:10 PDT 2009

Yes, I believe you are correct. At first I was going to say you were wrong
and that a mashup/widget system must implement OpenAjax.hub.HubClient, but
on closer inspection, the only APIs added by OpenAjax.hub.HubClient are the
constructor, connect(), disconnect() and getPartnerOrigin(), all of which
should be called auto-magically by the mashup/widget system on behalf of
the widget.


Javier H Pedemonte/Austin/IBM wrote on 04/08/2009 08:22:38 AM:

> > Howard Weingram <weingram at tibco.com>
> >
> > So, language:
> >
> > The hub sub-object MUST implement the HubClient interface and semantics
> > defined in the OpenAjax 2.0 specification.

> You mean the OpenAjax.hub.Hub interface, right (with
> subscribe/publish/unsubscribe methods)?
> Javier H Pedemonte
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