[OpenAjaxGadgets] API jsdoc and interfaces

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Apr 1 11:40:32 PDT 2009

Hi Howard,
Thanks for doing this! I haven't done a deep review of the API descriptions
that you have done, but at the surface level things look very good. This
certainly represents great progress on an editorial issue and hammering out
technical details.

I copied/pasted all of your API descriptions into the fresh new "Widget
APIs" chapter in the metadata spec:


I noticed one typo, where you had getProxyUrl() in the file twice.
Obviously, the second occurrence was supposed to be makeRequest(). I made a
minor change to the open source before copying into the spec.

I'll schedule a Gadgets phone call for this Monday to talk about the issues
you raised.

Thanks once again. This helps A LOT!


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Hi everyone.

I have checked in a file in the gadgets/src directory:


This contains the interface definitions and JSDoc comments for the
following, without implementation code, so that we can see them,
discuss them and fix them without waiting for the implementation
code changes to finish in widget.js.

In the JSDoc comments, I identify several potential issues:

    * Errors are currently undefined.

    * The dimensions operations are currently synchronous/blocking,
        whereas Hub communication is asynchronous. Functions
        related to dimensions probably need callbacks to
        handle the responses.

The interfaces defined in oawidget.js are as follows:


        Standard errors should be defined here.


        Event object.
        JSDoc comments only (no code)


        Dimensions object with width and/or height
        JSDoc comments only (no code)


        Widget implementation object defined in jsClass.
        JSDoc comments only (no code)


        Interface definition for widget.OpenAjax

I have not yet defined params objects for the various functions that

Please take a look and comment.


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